How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby*

*for Parts


directed by Michele Travis
starring Ali Ayala & Libby Emmons
dramaturg Brad Rothbart

because in the new America, everything is up for grabs

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SHOWTIMES: Saturday 02/18 6:40 pm; Monday 02/20 7:10 pm; Saturday 02/25 8:20 pm; Monday 02/27 10:30 pm; Saturday 03/04 3:20 pm

The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery, NYC

press release

Winner of the Festival of the Offensive’s “Most Offensive” award in 2013, the ladies of puss&puss are back with a revamped, retooled, reTrumped, How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts.

A one of a kind dark comedy about a Trump-loving, life-affirming intern who gets knocked up the hard way, and the HR reps who are determined to get her out of it. In How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts, Libby and Ali are HR reps determined to save the world, one unwanted baby at a time.

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